Anatomy of a Huge Self-Driving Mower

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We’ve had some fun hacking together autonomous mowers powered by cheap electric wheelchair powertrains obtained on the flooded-by-govt-subsidies second hand market — but the autopilot related technology available in 2019 enables us to achieve much more. Exhibit A:   That’s a timelapse … Continued

Don’t Fear the Code Reaper

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As promised in the last post, today we are going to have The Talk about programming. So grab a log and put in on the fire, come on over here little whipper-snapper and listen close as ‘ole dad Roby tells … Continued

Sourcing the Machine 1: Drivetrain BOM

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One goal of this series is to demystify the art/science of robotics. Let me state that more clearly: I want you to be able to build a self-driving robot with a slick, friendly interface, even if: You know little about software … Continued

Let’s Build an Autonomous Large-Scale Mower

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Hi! Are you curious about wild new technologies? Have you ever wanted to build a robot — perhaps an autonomous large-scale lawn mower? If you are interested in these wonderfully fascinating machines that have revolutionized agriculture and are changing transportation, then I … Continued