Meet Precision Mule

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Once you’ve got your autonomous mower running, you’ll likely take a substantial time-hit defining and adjusting the precise path that you want it to cover as it mows the lawn. In ArduPilot world, the set of coordinates (or waypoints) that your rover … Continued

The Taming of the u-blox ZED-F9P

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When the UPS guy drops off some new long-anticipated electronics component at your front door, you may be hit with two competing thoughts: First-date-level excitement about the capabilities of the new component and the possibilities it will open up for your … Continued

Piecing Together an Auto Mowing Rig: Part 1

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There are about 8 months from spring ’till fall in southeastern USA where the grass grows at an ever increasing rate, eventually outpacing even the most avid outdoorsman’s desire to jump on a lawn mower. This simple fact, combined with both a rapid fall … Continued

A Hacker’s Guide to the K501G

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The post last month on RTK GNSS systems continues to generate conversation both on this blog and offline. It turns out that I wasn’t the only person who entered the world of RTK without a perfect knowledge of the rules … Continued

80 Years Well Lived

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Today I want to break away from the world of robotics and wish Happy 80th Birthday to my Grandaddy. Grandaddy was born on May 20, 1937 in rural northwest Alabama. He grew up in a poor time in a poor … Continued

Spilling the Beans on RTK

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June 29, 2019 Update — The RTK GNSS space has improved massively in the past 2 years. Not surprisingly, u-blox is leading the charge with outstanding products that are finally bringing robust centimeter-level GNSS to a vast untapped set of new applications, industries … Continued

RTK Autopilot Upgrade (part 1)

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Welcome back fellow roboticists! I trust you guys had a great weekend. Over the weekend I decided to supercharge the roll-out speed for this project. So, without further delay, we present Rover 2 RTK Autopilot Upgrade: Whoa, last time we … Continued

Ignore At Your Shin’s Peril

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Regular readers know that I occasionally assume the role of ‘ole Dad Roby and hand down what I believe to be hard-won wisdom. When you’re testing out your wheelchair robot — especially in the early phases before you know it like the … Continued

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