Rover 1 Arduino RC Code

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Rover 1 Arduino Speed and Steer "Mixing"
Rover 1 Arduino Speed and Steer¬†“Mixing”

In our last post we spent a good bit of time speculating why folks are often afflicted with Codeaphobia. At the end of the post we gave a super-small Arduino program that makes the Arduino’s LED blink.

Today, I’m going to skip the long essay and immediately give you the Rover 1 RC-Arduino-L298N code. You can view the Arduino sketch here and download the repository¬†here. Just unzip and open Arduino/rover1_rc_arduino_l298n/rover1_rc_arduino_l298n.ino with your Arduino IDE.

You’ll note that we created a project on GitHub to host Rover 1’s code.

If you’re new to programming, you may not be familiar with GitHub. It’s the de facto standard place to host open source code.

I attempted to add a few more comments in the code than usual — if anything is unclear, let me know in the comments below!

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